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Tonya + Kaitlyn + Connor | Family Session

I met Tonya on the road. Her family has been coming to our concerts for a while now, and I always recognize her smiling face every time she shows up! She approached me at a concert about doing a family session for her and her kiddos, Kaitlyn and Connor. She drove a couple hours to Grand Rapids to meet up with me on a beautiful Fall afternoon...

This is Kaitlyn, Tonya's oldest. She is a bundle of energy!

Meet Connor... He is such an all-american boy! So cute.

These kiddies have killer eyes!

So sweet!

Family Portrait!

So precious!

Love this shot!

AND this one.

Love the backlight in these shots.

Found an adorable little apple orchard!

Thanks again, Tonya, Kaitlyn, and Connor for asking me to do your photos!
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  1. So adorable :)))



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