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Brandon + Heather | Engagement Session

This photo shoot is pretty special to me for a couple reasons... Number one, because Brandon is my cousin, and number two... It is one of the most creative photo shoots I have done in a while (thanks to Brandon's super creative fiance, Heather). For those of you who don't know... Brandon is not only my cousin, but also my family's sound engineer. He travels with us full time and does a fabulous job at the sound board...  Brandon and Heather are getting married on December 17th, and I will be shooting the wedding. We met up for their engagement session on a gorgeous October day...

Heather sent me some ideas she had for the photo shoot ahead of time... These balloons were one of her fabulous ideas!

Brandon and Heather's smiles are just plain contagious!

Love this shot.

I love all the color the ballons bring to every single photo!

Super cute...

This picture is so peaceful! I want one with my husband like this!

Found an amazing John Deere tractor. I just couldn't pass it up!


After a quick outfit change we headed a little closer to Cincinnati...

We got some cute shots outside of the Cincinnati Museum, and were hoping to go underground to the trainstation to get some shots, but unfortunately it wasn't open yet... Soooo we headed downtown.

I've said it once.. I'll say it twice... I just love street shots!

Colored doors are my favorite... I can spot one from a mile away. This
one just happened to match their outfits quite perfectly.

Check out those books... Brandon is a graphic designer on the side. Such a fun idea to use them as Heather's "step stool"... Love it.

Love this out-of-the-ordinary angle! Some people laugh at me when I say "That would make a great picture spot" :)

I think this turned out to be my favorite photo from the day...

Thanks Brandon and Heather for such a fun day! Can't wait for your big day!

10 comments on "Brandon + Heather | Engagement Session"
  1. Wow! Those are some amazing photos!! Can't wait to see the wedding pics! You do a fantastic job!!

  2. Love, love, love all the fabulous doors you find for your pictures! I want to come to Cincy just to see the doors. lol

  3. These are some really awesome pics, Courtney. The balloon idea is simply genius and that shot through the pipe angles is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time! Great job!!!!

  4. Courtney, these are beautiful pictures. Heather and I are distant cousins!! I can't wait to see the wedding pics!!

  5. Love them all!!!! Your fav of the day is probably mine too! I love their eyes! So happy to be gaining a sister.

  6. Thank you so much, Courtney! You did such a great job on our pictures! Heather and I are very happy with them!

  7. Aunt Connie (brandon's mom)November 8, 2011 at 5:09 PM

    These engagement pics totally capture the essence of Brandon and Heather's relationship and bring tears to my eyes!! I LOVE them Courtney. Thank you so much for giving them these memories :)

  8. Marilyn Frazier (Heather's mom)November 8, 2011 at 5:42 PM

    I just love the different poses you used, Courtney. These are absolutely adorable pictures! They are so Heather and Brandon. Can't wait for the wedding pics!!

  9. What great pictures. I love them all. Thanks for sharing them. You are so talented Courtney.

  10. Congratulations to Brandon & Heather. Courtney, these are great pictures and I cannot wait to see the wedding pics.


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