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Matthew Metz | Nathan Morgan | 2012 Seniors

A few months back my mom-in-law, Janis, and my husband's aunt, Bonnie, asked me to do their boys' (Matt and Nate) senior pictures this year. We got together on a beautiful fall day in October and did both photo sessions together. Since Matt and Nate are cousins they kept each other laughing, and we got some great shots!

This is Matt, he plays basketball for his school, so he wanted to get some basketball shots

Love how you can see the basketball court in the background!

Meet Nate, a fun-loving guy who is always the life of the party!

Love these shots!

The Fall colors were so breathtaking!

Love this close-up!

After a quick outfit change, Janis and Bonnie asked me if I would get a shot of Matt and Nate together!

My favorite of Matt!

Love this bridge!

My favorite of Nate!

Love street shots!

Matt's blue shirt just makes his eyes pop!

Thanks Matt and Nate for letting me do your senior photos!

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  1. I love your use of color. Incredible!
    Joy Elliott


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