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My Thanksgiving break was wonderful. The husband and I spent dinner with his family on Thanksgiving day here in Michigan. Then we drove to Cincinnati to spend the weekend with my family! We got to go to the lighting of the Christmas tree in downtown Cinci. A huge highlight for me! I even got to do a little Black Friday shopping. I'm almost completely done with my Christmas shopping, actually. Don't be jealous... I am usually waiting 'til the week before Christmas. This year is a complete (and wonderful) exception. :)

Ten Things I am OH So Thankful For.

1. A loving husband who is everything I ever wanted.

2. Parents (and family) that go above and beyond.

3. Photography. A way to let out my creativity.

4. A warm, dry, lovely place to live.

5. Salvation!

6. Fall. My favorite season.

7. Music. My life would be completely different (and wrong) without it.

8. All things vintage.

9. Boots. I have an obsession.

10. The two best jobs in the world. Singer and photographer.

We only managed to get one shot on Thanksgiving day together, but it'll do. My wonderful husband (Michael) and me!

Holiday decor.

Downtown Cinci at the Westin Hotel with my family.

The square. 

Ah. Love.

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