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Manning Family | Christmas Mini Session

I have known Doug and Dawn quite a while. Dawn actually went to the same college as my dad, and has also promoted several concerts for us in Canada! They were visiting some friends in the Grand Rapids area close to where I live for a baby dedication; So, Dawn contacted me about doing a Christmas mini session for them.... 

We met up at a beeaaauuuutiful Christmas tree farm. Complete with a huge red barn all decorated for Christmas.

Meet Clark, the Manning's eldest kiddo... He is so sweet, and a complete bundle of energy! :)

I love how happy this picture is. Seriously... such a cute family!

 Meet baby Georgia! I have kinda gotten to watch this kiddo grow up! Her 
parents have been bringing her to concerts since she was 2 DAYS old... 
Dawn, I think I know where Clark gets his energy! :)

Love this candid of mommy and Georgia! I just wanna pinch those little cheeks!!! Ok.. I'll stop now. 

This photo definitely shows the mischevious side of Clark! Looove it!

This just makes me giggle! Clark in action! 

A little Doug and Dawn time...

I love how Clark just took "charge" whenever I was taking pics of Mom and Dad! 

Precious. Um, Dawn, the photo on the right is screaming CANVAS!

Clark TOTALLY looks like Felix King from Road To Avonlea. It's almost uncanny!

After plenty of time outside we headed into the barn to get a few shots. This is definitely my favorite from the day!

Miss Georgia lookin' all fancy!

There was a dog runnin' around the farm that kept scaring Georgia... Georgia started to cry, but her Mom made her laugh and I grabbed this shot... Love the little tears in her eyes! :)

All smiles!

Typical girl... :) Thanks for keepin' me laughing, Manning family! It was a blast!
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  1. i was trying to think who he reminded me of and you pinned it!! Felix King to a "T"!!

  2. Clark's eyes are like so amazing! And little Georgia is absolutely adorable! Great job Courtney!


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