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Promo Shoot| Erica J Photography

A couple of weeks ago while my family was in Florida I got together with the fabulous Erica J from Erica J Photography! We did a fun session together and Erica took some promo shots of  me for my new blog layout. I also took photos of Erica. Those will be coming soon on the blog! :)

By the way all you Florida brides... Snatch up Erica while you can! She actually flew to Ohio to shoot my wedding last year and I highly recommend her fabulous talent! She is no longer accepting out of state weddings (I got in on the last minute! Yay me!) so if you live in Florida and you're planning a wedding or need any type of photography for that matter... check her work out!

We started our fun day off with an awesome bike... Thanks to Erica's cool parents!

LOVE all the color we found. Thanks to Erica for the awesome locations!

Thanks again, Erica, for being so fabulous! :) See you at my one year wedding anniversary?! 
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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love your outfit, Courtney! Its so stylish and trendy but MODEST! That's really quite unheard of nowadays, so thank you for taking a stand!!

    Also, we were at your family's concert last night in Hollan, OH (3-25-12) and enjoyed it so very much!! I could listen to you guys all night. haha


    p.s. is there a way i can follow this lovely blog of yours?? ;)


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