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What To Wear|Photography Style

So, it seems lately that I have been getting alot of questions like... What should I wear for my photo shoot? What colors look best in a photograph? Should I even wear bright colors?... Etc. I am by no means a final authority on fashion, but I thought I would put together a few outfit ideas for my blog readers... With a few simple choices you can really make your family (engagement, senior, or whatever) pictures POP!
Primary Colors
1. My first tip would definitely be color, color, color.... Especially PRIMARY colors. These colors seem to add a fun vibe to your images, and can really make a photograph come alive... If you are going for a more casual but exciting feel to your photos then you'll definitely want to incorporate these colors!
 2. If the primary colors are a bit bold and in your face for you, and you prefer something a little more sophisticated, then choose a solid staple color (such as navy, black, or gray) and pair it with an accent color. The accent color can be a bright primary shade or it can be more towards the pastel family. In this particular ensemble I chose a navy staple color with a pretty pale pink accent.This type of color combo can give you a soft and almost dreamy look to your photos... 
3.When it comes to family photos most people are concerned about matching perfectly... You can definitely go with perfectly coordinated outfits, but in my opinion, you want to complement each other not look exactly identical. The best way to do this is to choose a color scheme. Maybe find a printed piece of clothing (such as the little girl's dress above) and build off of that color scheme. Don't worry if something doesn't match perfectly. As long as it's in the same color family you're good to go...
3 comments on "What To Wear|Photography Style"
  1. I love these suggestions Courtney!! Great job. They are definitley something to think about for future senior pictures.... :)


  2. Courtney,
    I've followed your blog for awhile now. I love your ideas for photos and I might as well say it I TOTALLY LOVE YOUR FAMILY'S STYLE OF CLOTHING. You are so classy yet still modest. Thanks for the tips.

    Love and Prayers,

  3. Thanks for the tips :)
    Ditto Katie !


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