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Brent + Valerie | Engagement

My cousin Valerie contacted me a couple months ago about doing her wedding photos. I was totally thrilled because, as you'll see, Brent and Valerie are a model couple! A photographer just can't ask for better looks in front of their camera... :) Valerie also wanted to get some engagement photos done before the big day, so while her and Brent were visiting in February we got together for a fun session!

I need those shoes ASAP!

Love the shot on the left!

One of my favorites!

I love how you can just tell these two are crazy about each other!

Gotta love the shoes!


Thanks so much Brent and Val for such a fun time! I can't wait for your wedding in June! You two are going to make one gorgeous bride and groom! Love you both!
4 comments on "Brent + Valerie | Engagement "
  1. Lovely photos, as usual! ;) I really loved the use of the Scrabble board and pieces. Super cute idea.

  2. You have such an eye for details! Great pictures and like you said, great subjects. :)

  3. These are gorgeous Courtney.... such fun ideas!! Can`t wait to see their wedding pics!


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