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Spring Has Sprung

Last week was cold and dreary... I honestly felt like spring was never going to get here! I'm a March baby, and last year on my birthday it was over 80 degrees! That definitely set me up for big disappointment this year. Then, on Tuesday of this week I woke up and was surprised to walk out and find it was in the 70's... WHOO! I immediately headed to the store to add a little spring cheer to our rather 'un-spring-like' house... A few photos... 

Fresh flowers always brighten up a room! I added some scrap paper and a twine-like bow to spruce it up a little.

Thanks to my mom for the adorable planter-bike. She knows me well :)

What is your favorite season? I think Spring and Summer are at the top of my list... 
7 comments on "Spring Has Sprung"
  1. it is beautiful....I LOVE having fresh flowers on my table!!!!...thanks for sharing your adoreable house..

    Shelley Oakes Hatfield

  2. Spring, glorious, spring!! I love your bike planter too!

  3. I LOOOOVE fall!! Favorite season ever! :) But spring is like right behind it, then winter, then summer. :)


  4. Oh, summer, summer, summer is the best! I live in sunny Southern California, so maybe that would explain - its my climate!

  5. I LOVE summer, (I'm a summer babay), and I love fall and actually winter too. ;-)

  6. I love your house!!! very cute!!!


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