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2013 Fall Bucket List


I just love Fall... Ohio is the perfect state to live in during this colorful season. We enjoy really warm summers, but once the second or third weekend of September hits we start enjoying cooler nights, pumpkin spice lattes (well I do anyways... my husband just isn't into coffee... Oh well, that means more for me!) and you can smell the wood burning from a neighbor's backyard party. I'm really excited at how quickly the season change is settling in here in my little neighborhood. The leaves are already changing on our street, and it's got me all excited about the festive things to come. So, to make sure I don't miss a thing this season I've decided to make a fun little Fall Bucket List... Here are some of the things I hope to check off my list this season...

1. Rake up the leaves into a ginormous pile and jump in them (HEY! Don't judge. I know 
I'm 22, married, and don't have kids as an excuse... but I still like to have fun!)
2. Go on a Starbucks date with my husband for a PSL (I guess he'll have to get hot chocolate)
3. Make a pumpkin recipe I've never tried before (Thank you, Pinterest)
4. Have friends/family over for s'mores around the fire in the backyard
5. Go to a corn maze/hay ride/fall festival
6. Get lots of scented candles and keep the house smelling festive
7. Get most of my Christmas shopping done on Black Friday
8. Carve pumpkins
9. Make Fall cookies
10. Have a photoshoot in the leaves
11. Make caramel apples
12. Be thankful for what I have

What are some of your favorite Fall traditions? I'd love to hear!
6 comments on "2013 Fall Bucket List"
  1. Great list, Courtney! I always love when you do personal posts like this. :) I have always loved going to our local apple orchard. We usually leave with a supply of tasty apples, as well as hands and bellies full of applesauce donuts and apple cider slushies. :) I also really enjoy dressing for the fall. The color combo of orange and brown. Boots and scarves. Thick tights. Fun!

  2. We are never too old to enjoy the wonderful pleasures from our youth. I rake up the leaves now for my grandkids, and myself, to jump into! You go girl! Enjoy every moment of fall. And it just gets better when you have little ones to enjoy it all with....LOL

  3. Hooray for Fall!!!! Funny - almost everything on your bucket list are on mine every fall! haha... I've already succeeded on the PSL ;) hehe. We didn't get to do it this year but every year (except this year) Jaron and I go "Fall decor" shopping together at a store called "Graples". They only sell Fall decor one day out of the year so it is a "big sale event". Its so much fun...we normally go get a PSL from Starbucks first then shop while we enjoy our coffee. :) Really fun date! It's kind of our "Welcome Fall" date. HAHA We're planning on going to a corn maze here soon! Wish we lived closer then we could all go together! :) Love you, Corn! Happy Fall Y'all!!

  4. Hey Courtney!
    I love the idea of finding/creating a new recipe for something pumpkin to make! Yummy!
    I very much enjoyed your personal blog post.

    Would you mind blogging about your love story with your husband, Michael? From the time you met, dated, your engagement, marriage, and where you both are now in life and how you have grown in the Lord since your marriage started. (With pictures all in between!)
    I would LOVE to learn more about such a Godly couple!

    Love you and your family!

  5. Love your fall fashion and especially LOVE the boots...if you wouldnt mind sharing where you got them that would be great?!?

  6. I agree, I would LOVE to see a blog post about your love story as well! Even though I know it has nothing to do with


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