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East Michigan Wedding | Joel & Alyssa

I was honored to travel to Michigan a few weeks back and shoot Joel and Alyssa's lovely Spring wedding. It was a little chilly, but despite the weather, their wedding day came off flawlessly. Such a sweet couple. I love getting to photograph people that are crazy about each other. Joel and Alyssa were no exception! Enjoy...

Congrats, Joel and Alyssa! Your wedding day was beautiful!
6 comments on "East Michigan Wedding | Joel & Alyssa "
  1. Beautiful job, Courtney! It has been really fun for me to look at old posts and then look at your most recent posts and watch your photography get even better! You are such a wonderful role model! -Grace

  2. Right! But I saw on instagram that you shoot too another wedding... you're not posting it?

  3. I'v been seeing some BEAUTIFUL photos on Instagram! Can't wait for another post!

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